“These stories are incredible. We are only on day 5 but they are amazing!! Better than I expected. Thank you soo much.” Stella P

“We were first exposed to Knowonder when I purchased a book with a collection of stories from a Hallmark store. What a pleasure! I love the varied topics/genres throughout the book. The stories are fun and engaging. I have never questioned content or had to explain harsh details to my kids. Thank you!” Jill R., mother of 4

“My six year old boy came up to me out of the blue today and said, ‘Dad, I love you because you read knowonder stories to me every night.’ Thank you, knowonder!” – William D.

“Children will love this!”  – Cindy M.

“I read knowonder to my 7-year-old daughter at bedtime every night.” – Birgitte’s Dad

“This is just marvelous! It needs to go viral. Thank you for sharing your talents and love for children and taking the interest to share these with the world. I hope that this will be around forever. It is so valuable. Love, love love this.” – Catherine C.

“My bottom line:

I simply love the concept behind knowonder! and the dedication to promoting and enhancing literacy by facilitating reading and story-telling through their collections of fun short stories about cats, dogs, pigs, princesses, mermaids, monsters, dragons, and so much more. Who Would Like This Book? I highly recommend the knowonder! volumes to families with one or more children between the ages of 3 and 10. Each volume contains stories sure to appeal to children of any age (and their parents!)”  – Renee, Mother Daughter Book Reviews

“My kids and I love reading the stories in this book together before bedtime! My girls really, really enjoy it!” – Jennifer C.

“The Knowonder books, with their colourful cartoon covers, have easy ‘nightlight’ reading print, and the diverse subjects and situations appeal equally  to boys and girls. I think a read-aloud story provides a ‘movie in the mind’ for children, stimulating their imagination and, if read at bedtime, helping them drift off to sleep. Entertaining for parents as well – I’ve had many a chuckle! I’ve also shared ‘Knowonder’ stories with my schoolteacher daughter. She’s read them to her pupils and they love them!” – Myra K., South Australia

“A great compilation of stories for children. Knowonder! keeps the quality of writing high and publishes engaging stories.” – Sandy T.

“After scanning the short stories, we realized that there is literally a new short story available for you and your kids to read EVERY SINGLE DAY. Being a lover of good stories, this mama was thrilled!

So, we scanned the list and picked one to read. The title was intriguing and super silly… Salvatore Salamander’s Sensational Sack of Super Socks by Kevin J. Doyle. My son LOVED it and I really enjoyed reading it to him. At the end of each story is a short list of comprehension questions for your kids… something we homeschooling moms can all appreciate.

Since that first story, my son has asked if we can read more. I am pleased to say that we are really enjoying each new story as they are original, creative and even reflect many of the values we uphold… such as good strong character traits.

This has become my most favorite educational (tool) for my kids as I trust the content and am delighted that my kids all look forward to it each day.” – Megan S.

Praise for DyslexiAssist

“My dyslexic angel loved this book! Was so nice to see her be so excited about reading” – Kira

“Your book is amazing!! Hailey has not been officially diagnosed with dyslexia but I’m pretty sure she is and her resource teacher also thinks so…she read through it with ease and struggled way less than normal. I actually wanted to cry when she read it because she did so well.”

“My son is in 6th grade middle school He immediately said he likes the wider spacing. He did not balk at reading the simplest one (Jam Hands) out loud to me. He said he loses his place less often and it appeared to be true from my observation. He definitely prefers the DyslexiaAssist book. He is now excited to read the advanced one…”

“We had a chance to try out Jam Hands yesterday. My son liked it. I definitely noticed that he was able to keep track of his place in the book MUCH more easily than his usual books.”

Praise for Stories

The kids’ stories I love the most are those which are fun to read out as well as listen to. This one has a wonderful rollicking pace, clever thought provoking alliteration and a tidy ending. The premise is a good one too. Bravery isn’t being unafraid, it’s about having a go and finding out that often anticipation is far more scary than fact. Top story! – Myra K, about Granny Gertie’s Wish List

This is so beautifully written. I was drawn into the mood of this peaceful touching scene.  – Carol G., about Why Do You Cry?

It’s soooooo cute! My little sister fell asleep in the middle, you’re a saint!!!!!!!  – Smiley about The Lonely Dragon

What a delightful, surprising, heart-warming, laugh-out-loud story! So clever and fun to read! In just a short space, I completely fell in love with the characters! I can’t wait to read this to my kids tomorrow—they’re all asleep at the moment—they’ll love it!  – Brenda S., about Basil and the Bread

Another wonderful Rolli story – this is one of his best so far. Rolli is Birgitte’s favorite author, she gets very excited when she hears that one of his stories is posted. Can’t wait for the next one!  – Birgitte’s Dad

This is a beautiful story, imaginative with a surprise ending. – Richard P.

As an adult loved this story. But the best test to rate just how good it is was reading it to my 6yr old nephew…he loved it so much I had to print it off so he could take to school to show the other kids. Well done.  – Lorrena

This a beautiful, thought provoking story. – Christine A.

My kids laughed out loud while reading this one tonight. I don’t think there’s anything better in the world than hearing them giggle like that! – Jonathan R. on Carboy

What a gentle story, beautifully told. -Anjali A. on Mary’s Sparrow

What a cute story. Fun as well as educational. I love that. Especially with the added questions at the end. What a great idea. -Courtney R. on Silent H. Takes a Break

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