Kid Stories and Art

Each month we send out an email announcing a new theme for our monthly Writing Challenge. And each month you can use the challenge to help motivate your students and children to write!

Writing is the pinnacle of literacy as it enforces spelling, grammar, punctuation and so much more! So we invite you and your children to team up with us and write by making it fun and rewarding.

Each month we will feature new stories written by kids so be sure to submit their work. Children thrive when they are applauded and their achievements are celebrated. By posting their stories on they can easily share the stories with their friends and families and get positive feedback and comments. This feedback is a critical piece to motivating and encouraging them to keep writing!

ALL submitted stories will be published after being checked for language and appropriateness. Only minor editing will occur in order to make sure that the story is legible and understandable. Otherwise, we will work to leave the story in it’s original form as your child wrote and submitted it.

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