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The single-most important thing a busy parent can give their child (outside of hugs & love) is this: more words.

We make it easy, affordable & FUN to give them more. Way more.

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What is the Prime Indicator of Your Child's Success in School?

Did you knowresearchers know which children will succeed in school (and life) based on just ONE factor. What is it? 

Your child’s “listening” vocabulary.

Not the words they can speak, not the words they can read, but the words they understand.

And the two best ways to enhance that vocabulary?


The journey begins at birth! This is where our daily Child Genius 101 lesson plans come into play (perfect for 0-3 yr old kids).


And the journey never stops. This is why knowonder! read-aloud stories and content are so important (perfect for 2-12 yr old kids).

We make it easier to give your kids more words. Way more.

Talk more. Read more. Succeed more.

Dad, I love you because you read knowonder! stories to me every day.

Chase C, 6 yr old

What are Read-Aloud Stories?

Read-aloud stories & content are just what they sound like – stories and content that is read out loud by a parent, a tutor, a care-giver, a teacher, or anyone interested in helping children grow, learn & develop.

Why are read-aloud stories (and other Read-Aloud Content) so important?

Read-aloud stories & content enhance & strengthen certain skills and abilities even better than picture books or other kinds of stories. Consider the following:

Benefits of Read-Aloud Stories & Content

What are Fun Facts?

Fun Facts! are non-fiction articles that explore the amazing world of science, nature, animals, physics, math and more!

Like the knowonder! stories, Fun Facts! are perfect read-aloud content.

Some samples of Fun Facts! include:

What is Child Genius 101?

Parenting magazines spout hundreds of pieces of advice – but the first, the most important, & the most affordable thing you can do to help your baby’s brain develop, is TALK.

Talking proactively to your child is the first step in helping your child prepare for success in reading, in school, and in life

Child Genius 101 not only teaches parents the ground-breaking early childhood research on WHY talking is so important, we make it easy and simple to DO.

Child Genius 101 makes talking easier & more effective, by:

The Power of a Daily Text

It’s one thing to have access to amazing, powerful tools. It’s another thing to remember to use them every day. Life is busy – and even important things sometimes get forgotten.

So, to help you make sure you never miss a storytime again, we send a daily text with a link to the new Story of the Day! Now stories are just one touch away.

Because this is such a powerful tool, and creates such important results for you and your child, we have decided to include this upgraded feature for free in every paid membership plan!

Benefits of a Daily Text