Pat the Fat Bat

(Level 2, Lesson 1 – 169 total practice words for 19% of 876 words total)

Chapter 1 – Pat

Pat was a bat.

Pat was a fat bat.

He was also a very sad bat because he was a very fat bat.

His fam told him, “it is ok to be a fat bat.”

But he did not want to be a fat bat.

It is hard to fly when you are a fat bat.

Pat the Bat had a friend.

His name was Sam.

Sam was also a bat.

Sam told Pat, “it is ok to be a fat bat.”

“I am a fat bat, but I do not want to be a fat bat,” said Pat.

“If you do not want to be a fat bat,” said Sam, “then we must find the map.”

Map?” asked Pat. “What map?”

“My Pap told me a story about a map. At the end of the map is a genie. You must tap the genie’s bottle three times – tap, tap, tap.”

Tap, tap, tap?” asked Pat.

“Yes, tap, tap, tap,” said Sam.

“What happens next?” asked Pat.

“My Pap said the genie will appear. BAM! Then the genie will grant your wish.”

“That sounds fab,” said Pat.

Tap, tap, tap?” he asked.

Bam!” said Sam.

“And my wish is granted?” asked Pat.

“Yes,” said Sam. “That is what my Pap told me.”

“Great! Let’s go find that map!”

Chapter 2 – The Old Oak Tree

Pat and Sam set off to find the map that day.
First, they went to visit Pap.
Pap, where is the map?” asked Sam.
“I do not know where the map is at,” said Pap.
“But I can give you a clue. Old Mam Bab told me this: “You must find the spot that will sap, sap, sap your strength away.”
“I do not know what Old Mam Bab meant. I tried and tried but could never find it. Good luck, boys!” said Pap.
“Thank you, Pap. I am sure we can find it,” said Sam.
“Where should we go?” Sam asked Pat.
“I do not know,” said Pat. “But I am hungry!”
“I smelled some sweet fruit over there,” said Sam.
Sam and Pat the fat bat flew to the old oak tree.
Next to the tree was a large bush of berries.
“I am glad to see so many berries,” said Pat the fat bat.
He ate, and ate, and ate some more!
“I am very full,” said Sam.
Pat the fat bat did not say anything.
Pat the fat bat just ate, and ate, and ate some more!
Then they heard a sound in the old oak tree.
Tap, tap, tap.”
“What is that?” asked Pat the fat bat.
“I do not know,” said Sam. “Let’s look!”
Pat and Sam flew up in the tree. They sat on a branch.
“I can see a hole in the tree,” said Sam.
Pat the fat bat put his head in the hole, then fell inside!

Chapter 3 – Stuck in the Sap

Sap?” asked Sam. “Gross.”
“This sap is very sticky,” said Pat.
“I am not strong enough to get out. I am too weak.”
“I will help you,” said Sam.
Sam found a rope and threw it down into the hole.
“Grab onto the rope and I will pull you out,” said Sam.
“Good idea,” said Pat.
Pat held onto the rope. Sam pulled the rope, but Patdid not move.
“I am still stuck in the sap,” said Pat.
“I am not strong enough to pull you out of the sap,” said Sam. “I need help! I will get our friends.”
Sam flew away. Pat the fat bat sat in the sap and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Finally he heard a noise. Was it Sam?
No, it was not Sam. It was a tap sound.
Tap, tap, tap.
What was making that sound?
Pat sat in the sap and thought.
Then he remembered…the clue!
You must find the place that will sap, sap, sap your strength away.
Sap, sap, sap.

Tap, tap, tap.
Here he sat, in the sap, hearing a tap, tap, tap, and he was not strong enough to get out. This had to be it!
This was where the map was hidden!

Chapter 4 – Free from the Sap

Pat the fat bat sat in the sap and waited for Sam to come back.
The day was almost over. The sun was going down.
Pat was worried.
The sun was almost gone! He did not want to be alone in the dark.
Then a ray of light came in the hole.
Pat saw the light shine on something inside the hole.
It looked like paper.
The map! The sun was shining on the map!
Pat stretched out his hands and grabbed the map.
Then he heard a noise outside.
“I am back,” said Sam! “With our friends!”
Sam threw down the rope.
Pat put the map in his mouth and held onto the rope in his hands.
“Ready, set, go!” yelled Sam.
All the friends pulled and pulled.
Slowly, Pat the fat bat began to come out of the sap while holding the map.
It was hard to hold on to the rope.
I am not strong enough, thought Pat.
But he held onto the rope with his hands, and he held on to the map with his mouth.
Finally, he came free with a loud POP!
“I am free!” said Pat the fat bat. “Thank you Sam! And thank you, friends! I am sorry I am so fat. Thank you for rescuing me.”

“We love you,” said Sam. “Just the way you are!”

Pat the fat bat looked at his friend, Sam as they sat on the ground.

“Thank you, Sam,” he said.

“I needed to hear that. I do not need this map. I am happy just the way I am.”

The End.


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