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We publish books and online content aimed at driving and improving literacy through fun!

We currently publish books in multiple categories:

1. DyslexiAssist Books – DyslexiAssist (our proprietary combination of a special font and layout) books make reading easier for your child! Whether your child has dyslexia or some other learning disability, or is simply behind a few grade levels in reading, there’s a good chance DyslexiAssist material will help. Learn more here.

2. Short Story collections (4-8 yr. old) – Need a new bedtime story for every day of every month? You’ve come to the right place! These collections feature original, fun, adventure-filled short stories written by professional authors from around the world! Prices start at just $2.99. See those books here.

3. Early Reader Chapter Books (2nd-3rd grade) – early reader chapter books with exciting plots, fun adventures, great characters, and lots more! See those books here.

4. Middle Grade Books (4th-6th grade) – perfect for those 4th, 5th or 6th grade readers! See those books here.

5. Child Genius 101 (for parents) – a 3-part series that promotes early childhood development (ages 0-3) more effectively (and less expensively) than any other early childhood development on the market today. Learn more today.

6. Picture Books (3-5 yr. old) – see our picture books here.

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