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I’ve never been great at creating my own personal bio.  So I decided to ask my 5 yr old daughter some questions about myself…

me:  What are some of my favorite things?
her:  Swimming, playing with me, reading to me.  (I would add “my wife and kids” to this list – they are my most fave things ever!)

me: What are some of my least favorite things?
her: Country music, spiders, winter (I don’t mind playing in the snow but abhor driving in it)

me:  Why do I love writing?
her:  Because it’s fun for you to read your stories to me!  (She nailed it with that answer – it’s all about the smiles!)

me:  What do I do as a stay home daddy?
her:  Play with me and my little bro.  Write stories.  Make food.  Change diapers.  Help me put the angel on the top of the tree every Christmas.  Go to the gym and play racquetball.  (Geez, I never knew I was such a busy guy!)

I’ll round this out with a few basics: I’m a stay home dad to two kids – big sis and lil’ bro; I have an awesome wife who loves music, taking walks, playing the piano and eating spaghetti; soccer is my favorite sport and I’m an avid supporter of Sporting Kansas City; I can’t survive without coffee; I love listening to records and watching movies; and I still get excited about watching new Saturday Night Live episodes.

Possibly the most interesting thing about me is I’m on a radio show twice a week.  It’s called “The DLC Show” and we are on Tues and Thurs mornings from 0800-1000 EST on local independent station Island107 in Key West, FL.  My good friend Chris Higgins (who lives down there in paradise) is host of the show and I call in to the studio via Skype.  It’s mostly PG but we do rant and rave about the oddities of life and the ridiculousness of pop culture so at times, we are a little inappropriate for small ears.  Being a stay home dad and a writer of kid’s stories keeps me young but I need at least a couple hours a week to be an adult and that’s what the radio show is for!  Check us out on-line at and/or listen to a live stream of the show on

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