Nerissa’s Celebration – The Collection

Volume 3 in our Story-a-Day initiative

a collection of 30 read aloud stories for kids:

This collection includes stories about roly-poly fat cats and super-duper-staticy cats, dancing bears and piggy princesses, a boy with lead boots and kids who actually want monsters under their beds! And of course, there are dragons and a whole lot of other adventurous and exciting things hiding inside.

1. Kindle: $2.99
(immediate delivery, read anywhere, full-color pictures (small), lacks the beautiful layout of knowonder! books)

2. Paperback (from publisher): $8.95
(slower shipping, but we earn more)

3. Paperback (from Amazon): $8.95
(faster shipping, we earn less)

4. PDF: Free with supporting membership
(immediate delivery, large full-color pictures, can be viewed on iPad, iPhone, Kindle, computer, etc. Read anywhere.)


Knowonder Publishing brings you the first book in a series of monthly books that provides you with a new story for every single day of every single month! That’s right. A new story, every single day.

Enjoy hours of reading fun with your child. Explore new worlds, go on adventures together, learn new words and concepts and more! These stories will not only give you and your child a wonderful opportunity to spend time together, they will also lay the foundation for your child to become a successful reader, student and grown-up.

The Research

Reading to, and with, your children each day is the most important thing you can do for them, both socially and economically. Studies show that literacy is the foundation of all learning. In fact, 98% of education spending happens AFTER the most formative years in a child’s life. (see the research) So, the sooner you start, the better!


The book is formatted in a large font (11 or 12 pt.) to make it easier to read for beginning readers.

It also features a 2-column layout. This makes it easier for beginning readers to read the stories without losing their place.

(note: most of the stories are about a 3rd grade reading level, however, they are first-and-foremost “read-aloud” stories. Learn more about why that is such a key factor of the knowonder! Literacy Program)


Kids can collect four StoryGame collector-cards in each volume. These cards are a great way to promote creative storytelling, imagination, and writing in your children, no matter what age they are! Learn more about the StoryGame.

This books also contains a word scrambles, a wordsearch and crossword puzzle, a great maze, and other fun games.

Stories in this volume include:

1. Nerissa’s Celebration
2. Just Plain Sarah Jane
3. I Want My Own Monster
4. To Be or Not to Be a Princess
5. Kabungo & the Pumpkin, Part I
6. Dance Walking
7. Roly-Poly Fat Cat
8. Ellie the Zoo
9. Bot-in-a-Box
10. Blackbird and Owl
11. Princess Piggy
12. Zora Zooms from Planet Zot
13. The Small World
14. The Boy with the Lead Boots
15. Merinda’s Gift
16. Where are the Ducklings?
17. A Damselfly in Distress
18. The First Snowflake
19. A Puzzling Surprise
20. Martian Cookies
21. Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat
22. A Dark and Stormy Night
23. Robert’s Shirt is Gone
24. Beware of the Dragon!
25. Polly Porcupine’s Prickly Problem
26. Kabungo & the Pumpkin, Part II
27. Harry, a Prince of a Dog
28. Ellie’s Art Rocks!
29. Sapphire and Weld
30. The Grasshoppers Who Learned to Sing

Other Info

Authored by knowonder! publishing

Created by Phillip Chipping
Contributions by Holly Stacey , Nancy Julien Kopp, Susan Sundwall, Kathy Sattem Rygg, Rolli, Kevin J. Doyle, Tracy Helixon, David Welsh, Tracey Glasspool, Teresa DiNicola, David Turnbull, Adelaide B. Shaw, Erin Fanning, Max Elliot Anderson, Tina Holt, Christine Collier, Laurel T. Sheridan, Suzanne Purvis, Kai Strand, Lisa Barrass

A collection of 30 fun and original stories from knowonder! Never run out of short, fun stories again.

Great for bedtime, story time, or just ANY time!

Share the joy of story time with your child as often as you like (we recommend daily) and “know the wonder” of their imagination, as well as the love and joy you experience together.

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