Savannah Hendricks

Savannah Hendricks worked as a nanny for seven years discovering that children learn the best when you take the time to be a part of their world. She has worked with special needs preschoolers, and currently works with developmentally disabled teenagers. Additionally Savannah had the privilege of volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for several years. She holds a degree in early childhood education and criminal justice/criminology. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in criminal justice. Her main focus is to bring the enjoyment of reading to children and to help others understand the importance of early childhood education through spending quality time with children.

Her stories have been included in numerous magazines such as knowonder!, Highlights High Five, Stories for Children Magazine, Hollins, and Reunions. She loves to write everything from cute children’s stories to deeply riveting adult fiction. Currently she is shopping around her middle-grade novel and picture book. You can follow her blog and get contact information at

knowonder! Stories by Savannah:

In Collection Vol.4 – Herman’s Horrible Day
How Harris and Grace Saved Their House

knowonder! books:
Literacy from Birth – How to Create a Child Genius (coming soon)

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