What If…

What if the most meaningful difference you could make in your child’s life to ensure future success in school, college and life (socially, mentally and economically) came down to one simple action, done twenty minutes each and every day?


What if one action, done each day from birth through 5 years old, was proven by research to almost guarantee your child would be successful all the way from kindergarten through college?

Zero Cost

And what if that one action cost you almost nothing financially?


Would you do it? Would you commit to making the time to spend with your child each day?

The Answer

So, what is the one action that will make such a meaningful difference? Of course, many of you already know the answer. It’s quite simple, really. Reading aloud with your children.

Is it really that simple?

Yes. And no. Yes, because it begins simply with a parent inviting a child to sit down and read together. No, because there is SO much more that a parent can do to increase the effectiveness of reading time with a child. Research has given us so much more knowledge about best practices, and unfortunately, even the middle and upper classes don’t know them.

Join the Cause

We at Knowonder Publishing invite you to join us in committing to read to our children each and every day and improving your knowledge of best-practices to increase the effectiveness of each daily reading. (Like us on FB to show your support and make the commitment!) It is our mission to provide great books, stories, education and other resources for you along this journey. By no means is our material enough, though! The world is filled with TONS of great books and reading material. We encourage you to explore as MUCH of it as you can with your child. And, of course, we hope our books can be a part of your family’s journey, as well!  🙂

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