Key Benefits

Consider these key benefits of read-aloud stories:

  • Listening skillls are built
  • concentration improves as children learn to sit still and focus
  • comprehension and understanding of events (cause and effect relationships) is enhanced
  • imagination is actively exercised as children imagine the scenes, characters and worlds the words create
  • vocabulary is increased as children discover new words
  • a child’s ability to guess meanings of new words grows
  • children become more confident because they know they are cared for and loved and becuase they can express their thoughts and needs
  • children are better-enabled to make friends and good relationships because their communication skills are increased
  • learning in all subjects becomes much easier because the brain is literally being wired to learn and take in new information
  • and family bonds are strengthened and reinforced, creating an atmosphere of love, trust and communication in the home which will last a lifetime
  • When you consider the sum-total of all these benefits, it’s easy to see why reading to your child every day from birth is the single-most important thing a parent can do to ensure a child’s success in life. And that’s not all – you should see the research!

Who is it For?

The best part about it is that the knowonder! Literacy Program is that the story collections and StoryGame are for kids of all ages. Truly, they will help promote and encourage literacy for all children, whether they are zero or twelve!

Of course, the earlier you start, the better. We strongly encourage parents begin practicing the principles we teach at birth. No other practice will yield such amazing results for such a small cost.

Designed by Experts

The knowonder! story collections have been designed by literacy experts and educators specifically to enable, enhance and promote daily family reading from a young age. The books make it easy and fun for parents to read to kids every day!

Each story is written by professional children’s writers from around the world giving you and your child insight into many different ideas, people, cultures, thoughts, experiences and more.

Also, the books are designed as a great step-up to chapter books for beginning readers. The reading material is on an average grade 3 reading level and is designed in a way to make reading chapter books not seem so daunting a task – so don’t be surprised if your older kids (8-12) pick up the books and read.

Try it Out for Free

If you’d like to see why educators, parents and kids all love knowonder!, join us today and we’ll send you a digital (PDF) copy of the first volume, The Lonely Dragon, for free! And don’t worry – this isn’t a monthly subscription. No credit cards involved. You choose each month if you want the new collection.

So try reading a story each day to your children today! We guarantee you they’ll be asking for more when you’re done. And starting at just $2.99 per volume per month, knowonder! is the most affordable Literacy Program for parents and kids around!

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