Tracy Schuldt Helixon

Tracy Schuldt Helixon began her writing career at age five, when her parents found her writing all over her little brother.  When they asked what she was doing, she said, “Timmy thought he was a piece of paper!”

To Timmy’s relief, Tracy now uses a computer to write. Along with writing stories for children, she also teaches writing and speech at Western Technical College in Wisconsin. Since reading and writing are two of her favorite things, she feels blessed to work with student writers and to do some writing of her own. She likes to write about magical worlds, history, and everyday life.

Tracy lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Chris, and their three children. Her favorite things include books; travel; church; sunny days; crunchy, colorful fall leaves; Christmas tree lights; family adventures; Ireland; and chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Tracy is thrilled to share her stories with knowonder! readers. Her first picture book, Little Isaac’s BIG Adventure will be released by Guardian Angel Publishing in 2012.

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knowonder! Stories by Tracy:

In Collection Vol.2 – The White Sail
Chelsea Chockford’s Chocolate

In Collection Vol.3 – Nerissa’s Celebration
Ellie the Zoo

In Collection Vol.4 – Herman’s Horrible Day
Cloogurt’s Mysterious Find

Tracy’s Works in the Real World:

Little Isaac’s Big Adventure


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