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knowonder! makes literacy fun and easy.  Join now to get a FREE digital copy of our first published collection of stories entitled, The Lonely Dragon. You and your children will love the stories – we guarantee it!

Lots of Content!

We also offer online content in six great categories:

knowonder! stories – original fiction stories written by professional children’s writers, and sometimes even written by you!  The 10 most-recent stories are always available on our website, or you can purchase this month’s volume to have all 30 stories. See the 10 sample stories here. Learn more about knowonder! stories here


Talk Time – provides daily prompts and topics to help moms talk to their children ages 0-3 each and every day, literally hard-wiring their brains for learning from birth.  Read about the research that calls this the MOST important thing you can do for your child’s success in life.  Click here to read “Talk Time” articles.


Fun Facts! – a great series of non-fiction articles that explore the world around us!  Totally True Tuesday, Wild World Wednesday & Fun Facts Friday are all about the fun in discovering what’s all around us in our amazing world.


Kid Art! – featuring loads of new artwork, the Kid Art category lets kids from around the world share their artistic talent.  Be sure to send us your artwork so you can be included, too!


Classics – All the great classic (public domain) stories, like Velveteen Rabbit, The Ugly Duckling, Aesop’s Fables, and more.  If you haven’t introduced your children to the great writings of the past, you owe it to them (and yourself) to discover it together!


Kid Stories! – (coming soon)  Kid Stories will feature stories written by kids (ages 0-12). We’re already accepting submissions from children writers, so be sure to send your stories our way!  Learn more.


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