What are parents saying?

  • “My kids and I love reading the stories in this book together before bedtime! My girls really really enjoy it!” – Jennifer C.
  • “We own this book and my kids adore reading it. It inspires them to make up their own unique animals in the playroom and interact with one another more. The sounds are so great and my kids like making their own sounds. You will wear this book out, so buy 2 copies… and enjoy! Please write more!!!” – Jennifer H.
  • “What a cute story. Fun as well as educational. I love that. Especially with the added questions at the end. What a great idea!” – Courtney
  • “Another wonderful Rolli story – this is one of his best so far. Rolli is Birgitte’s favorite author, she gets very excited when she hears that one of his stories. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Birgitte’s dad
  • “As an adult I loved this story. But the best test to rate just how good it is was reading it to my 6yr old nephew…he loved it so much I had to print it off so he could take to school to show the other kids. Well done.” – Lorrena
  • “The Knowonder books, with their colourful cartoon covers, have easy ‘nightlight’ reading print, and the diverse subjects and situations appeal equally  to boys and girls. I think a read-aloud story provides a ‘movie in the mind’ for children, stimulating their imagination and, if read at bedtime, helping them drift off to sleep. Entertaining for parents as well – I’ve had many a chuckle! I’ve also shared ‘Knowonder’ stories with my schoolteacher daughter. She’s read them to her pupils and they love them!” – Myra K., South Australia

What are educators saying?

“After scanning the short stories, we realized that there is literally a new short story available for you and your kids to read EVERY SINGLE DAY. Being a lover of good stories, this mama was thrilled!

So, we scanned the list and picked one to read. The title was intriguing and super silly… Salvatore Salamander’s Sensational Sack of Super Socks by Kevin J. Doyle. My son LOVED it and I really enjoyed reading it to him. At the end of each story is a short list of comprehension questions for your kids… something we homeschooling moms can all appreciate.

Since that first story, my son has asked if we can read more. I am pleased to say that we are really enjoying each new story as they are original, creative and even reflect many of the values we uphold… such as good strong character traits.

This has become my most favorite educational (tool) for my kids as I trust the content and am delighted that my kids all look forward to it each day.” – Megan S.


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