Knowonder is a leading publisher of engaging, daily content that drives literacy; the most important factor in a child’s success.

Parents and educators use Knowonder tools and content to promote reading, creativity, and thinking skills in children from zero to ten.

Knowonder’s apps and books deliver original, compelling stories and content, creating an opportunity for parents to connect to their children in ways that significantly improve their children’s success.

Ultimately, Knowonder’s mission is to eradicate illiteracy and improve education success through content that is affordable, accessible, and effective.

Our Team

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A Message

from the Founder, Phillip Chipping

I love stories! I love kids! And there is nothing in the world that is more magical to me than spending time with my children each night reading a story together.

After all these years some of my most meaningful childhood memories come from those times I spent snuggled up with mom or dad or grandpa as I listened to them spin a tale or read from a good book. And from those tender beginnings sprang a life-long love of words, reading, and literacy.

Did you know

that the single-most important factor in determining your child’s success in life (emotionally, socially and financially) is literacy? And the single-most important factor in creating a child who is literate is a parent who is actively involved in reading with and to their child from a young age  – I recommend starting at birth! (learn more)

Join the “Story-A-Day” Initiative

I created knowonder! to help give parents the resources they need to create those magical moments every single day. Making up stories on-the-spot like my grandpa did is challenging, especially day after day.

Picture books are important for a child’s reading development, but long before they can read even a letter of the alphabet, they can listen to stories. And read-aloud stories provide so many benefits (learn more) that picture books just can’t deliver. Our books feature 30 or 31 stories – one for every day of the month! The stories are “read-aloud” stories – which means there is no grade or age level – they are good for any age. Our original stories are written by professional children’s authors from around the world and enjoyed by children ages 0-12 all around the world, as well.

Dad, I love you because…

One night, out of the blue, my five year old son reached up and hugged me and said, “Dad, I love you because you read knowonder! stories to me.” It was so cute and tender that it still brings tears to my eyes (I wasn’t even reading to him at the time)!

As an entrepreneur, you look for validation in what you do. Most often, that validation comes from customers buying your product. Basically, they’re telling you by purchasing that you have a good product and then you know you can keep pushing forward.

But no amount of sales will ever match the validation I received from my son that day – and the validation I receive from other parents, kids and educators who tell me how much they also love knowonder!

So Join the Story-a-Day revolution today.

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