Trish and the Tooth Fairy’s Factory

y Joan Gary -

"Do you want some jelly beans?"

Trish shook her head.

"Are you sure?" her surprised mama asked.

Putting her hand in her mouth, Trish checked her shaky tooth. She loved jelly beans, especially the purple ones.

"Yes, I’m sure,” said Trish, smiling at her mama. It was her birthday tomorrow and Trish wanted to keep her shaky tooth in place until then. Perhaps the tooth fairy would leave something extra if her tooth came out on her birthday.

Mama had told Trish all about tooth fairies, so Trish could not wait for her first tooth to fall out and get a shining new penny to put in her red piggy bank.

That night Trish fell asleep quickly, but she woke when her shaky tooth fell out. She placed her tooth in a white tissue and put it under her pillow before going back to sleep.

After a while, something tickled her face. It felt like dust so she wiped her eyes before slowly opening them.

There was a fairy—the tooth fairy! The dust that had fallen on Trish was fairy dust, magic dust. That same dust fell all around the tooth fairy. She sparkled like diamonds, and her large eyes were very green. On the top of her head sat a beautiful crown made of pure gold. Her long, white hair trailed down her back.

The fairy said, "Happy Birthday, Trish! I don’t usually allow children to see me, but as it's your birthday and your very first tooth has fallen out, I wanted to give you a special gift."

Trish smiled broadly so the fairy could see the gap in her teeth.

Smiling lovingly at the little girl, the fairy added, "First things first, let me have your tooth."

Trish reached under her pillow for the tissue. She opened it and picked up her tooth then handed it proudly to the waiting fairy.

"Usually I leave money," the tooth fairy continued. "However, as a special gift, I am going to grant you a wish."

Trish's eyes widened. She shouted, "A wish!"

The tooth fairy put a finger to her mouth, trying to quiet the little girl. "Yes, a wish, a wish just for you and only for you,” she whispered. The fairy smiled her most beautiful smile. "Okay, Trish, what is your wish?"

Within a flash the little girl blurted out, "I want see where the tooth fairies live!"

The tooth fairy's eyes twinkled and she said in a slow voice, "Where the tooth fairies live is secret place, and it’s very far away. Can I trust you?"

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