There’s No Age Limit On Read-Aloud Time!

clipart_reading_circle-315x254Here is a great article about continuing the habit of reading to your kids every day – even after they get “too old” for it.  The truth is, they are never too old!  Reading together is maybe the ultimate bonding experience and it should always remain a treasured part of a family’s routine.  In the READ ALOUD HANDBOOK (an excellent literacy resource), author Jim Trelease writes about how he used to read to his high school aged children while they cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.  He’d read from his more complex, adult books, but he’d choose certain passages that illustrated a good point or that demonstrated excellent writing.  Mr. Trelease emphasized how he loved sharing his favorite parts of books and his children always looked forward to listening to what Dad was reading.

One of my father-in-law’s favorite expressions is “It’s never too cold for ice cream and never too hot for chili.”  Perhaps we can add to that, “And kids are never too old to be read aloud to!”

Happy Reading!

-Kevin and the knowonder team

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