The Lonely Dragon

by Lance O. Redding 

Come children and listen, as I tell you a tale of a beautiful princess, her fire-breathing dragon, and the brave knight who tried to save her, but really just got in the way...

It all started one sunny day. You see, the sun had just come out for the first time in two weeks. Before that, it had just been non-stop rain. So, naturally, Brietta (that’s our beautiful princess) wanted to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. She longed to pick the flowers that had grown so tall and strong. Flowers and all plants love rain, so they had been growing and growing and growing some more. They were taller than Brietta had ever seen them!

But Brietta was not the only one who was feeling cooped up after two weeks of rain! No sir! A dragon named Bruce was also very tired of being stuck in his dark cave. He wanted to get out and stretch his wings, hunt for some fat cows (cows always tasted best) and most of all, make friends. He was lonely and he was tired of being lonely. He walked outside his cave and stretched his wings. Boy, did it feel good!  His scales glimmered and glistened in the bright sunlight and he couldn’t help but smile a big toothy smile. Today, he thought, I will find my new friend!

Meanwhile, Brietta was also outside, basking in the warm glow of the sun and enjoying the sweet melody of the animals all around. She loved animals. In fact, she had always wanted a pet, but her mother and father said a pet would only make a mess inside the castle and she was never allowed to have anything fun. Only boring goldfish. Who wanted goldfish?! She heard a noise that made her turn around and then she saw a knight in shining armor as he rode up on his tall stallion.

“Ho, fair maiden!” he said.

“Oh, don’t ‘ho’ me, James,” said Brietta. “Can’t you talk normal for once? Now, I’m trying to enjoy the sunlight and you’re blocking its rays. Please take a few steps back.”

James willingly obliged. “Brietta,” he said. “Can’t we play knights and princesses again? And dragons? Like the old days?”

Brietta rolled her eyes. “James,” she said. “That was like forever ago! You really should grow up, you know!”

“Ah, but what a pity that would be,” proclaimed James in a loud voice. “For I AM a knight, and you ARE a fair princess. And one day I WILL save you!”  Then he looked at her and in his normal voice said, “So, doesn’t it sort of make sense that we pretend... er, I mean, practice?”

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a big green ball streaked through the air and plucked Princess Brietta into the air. Brietta let out a shrill cry. “Heeeellllp.” Her voice trailed off, leaving James all alone...

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