The Snooze Shoes

by Rolli -

Well, the Snooze Shoes fell out of the sky one day and landed – plop – right in my hands. I knew they were Snooze Shoes ‘cuz there was a tag on them that said “Snooze Shoes.” So I ripped it off. You’re supposed to.

“Hmm…” I said. “If these really are Snooze Shoes, then whoever wears them should fall asleep instantly.”

I decided to test them out.

Mom was upstairs, dusting vases.

“Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, tidy-tidy,” she was humming to herself. (Why are moms like this?)

So I said, “Hey, Mom! Try on these shoes!”

“Ooh, I love trying on shoes!” she said.

She slipped them on…

Curled up on the floor…

And started to snore.

“Honk-a-chooo, honk-a-chooo.” (Everyone in my family snores like this.)

“Awesome!” I said. ‘Cuz now I could do whatever I wanted.

Like jump on the couch.

And ride the dog.

And eat marshmallows – lots of 'em.

Yup, I could do whatever I wanted. That is, until Dad got home.

“I’m hoooooome!” he sang, slamming the door shut behind him.

So I ran back upstairs, tiptoed up to mom, and carefully pulled the Snooze Shoes off her feet.

I must’ve been gentle, ‘cuz she kept right on snoring.

Then I flew back downstairs.

“Daddy!” I said, skipping up to him.

“What did you do?” he asked, lifting his eyebrows.

“Nothing!” I said (even if it was kind of a lie). “Wanna try on some shoes?”

“Ug! I hate shoes!” he said. It was true. The first thing he always did when he got home was kick them off and wiggle his bare toes.

“Pleeeease?” I said as sweetly as possible.

“Well, all right,” he said.

So he slipped them on....

Flopped back into the armchair....

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