The Mole Who Hated Dirt

by Rebecca Colby -

Melvin hated dirt. He hated the way it tickled his nose. He hated the way it got stuck under his claws. He hated the way it made his food taste gritty. He hated the way it turned to mud when it rained. But most of all, he hated it because he had to dig it every day.

"I’m tired of dirt," said Melvin. "I want to live above ground and play in the flowers and in the grass and under the trees."

"But the dirt is our home," said his father. "It’s where moles belong."

"It keeps us warm and gives us food," said his mother.

"Dirt, dirt, dirt," said his baby brother.

Melvin’s parents didn’t like the idea of him going above ground, but eventually they agreed. The next morning, Melvin said good-bye to his family.

It was bright above ground but Melvin didn’t mind because for once he wasn’t surrounded by dirt. Melvin breathed in. "Hmm! The flowers smell wonderful!" Then Melvin jumped back, clutching his nose. "Ouch!" he yelled. "Something stung me!"

Melvin rubbed his nose until it stopped hurting. Then his tummy began to rumble. He looked in the grass for food but he couldn’t find anything to eat--only spiders and grasshoppers. Melvin didn’t like spiders and grasshoppers. He wanted some juicy worms but he refused to dig in the dirt to find them...

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