The Lost Honk

by Susan Sundwall -

“I can’t find it! I can’t find it!” shrieked Greta Goose.

“Can’t find what?” asked Brownie, the barnyard dog.

“My honk!”

“Why, I’ve never heard of a goose losing her honk,” said Brownie.

“Listen!” Greta opened wide, took a deep breath and…only air came out.

“How awful,” said Brownie.

“I know,” cried Greta. “I had it this morning. Oh where can it be?”

“Let’s retrace your steps and look for clues,” said Brownie. “When did you last use your honk?”

“At lunchtime,” she said.

In the yard, where all the barnyard birds ate, Brownie and Greta found Danny Duck.“Your honk worked fine at lunchtime,” said Danny. “Why, you honked at Chicken Bess for eating too much corn!”

“Do you know where it could be?” asked Greta.

“I never heard of a goose losing her honk,” said Danny. “I can’t imagine where it could be.”

“I’ve lost it!” cried Greta...

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