The Adventures of Shooz and Sox

by Adelaide B. Shaw -

Shooz and Sox had lived together since they were new born kittens. Shooz was white with black paws, and Sox was black with white paws. They were always together and were as close as a pair of shoes and socks worn on human feet.

They lived in an apartment on the second floor of a big white house with a kind young lady.  Every morning, when the young lady left for work, Shooz and Sox watched from the window.

One morning as she was getting ready to leave, Shooz said, "As comfortable and desirable as our home may be, I would enjoy a sojourn into the outside world."

"Yes, indeed," replied Sox. “It would be of considerable amusement to explore the environs outside."

That's the way Shooz and Sox spoke all the time. They understood each other perfectly, of course, but the young lady couldn't understand a word.

Shooz and Sox had never been outside. Every time they tried to go, the young lady sent them back inside the apartment. Shooz and Sox tried to go through the open door now, but the young lady gently nudged them back. "It's too dangerous outside. You must stay here."

Shooz and Sox ran to the large window which overlooked the street. Shooz jumped on his black pillow, and Sox jumped on his white one. They watched the young lady get into her car and drive away. It looked exciting and interesting outside. There were trees and birds, people and cars, dogs and flowers, and even other cats.

Soon there was a knock on the door. "Hello," a voice called. "It's the landlord. I'm here to repair the leaky faucet."

Then the door opened, and a man carrying a box of tools walked into the kitchen.

Shooz and Sox looked at each other and both ran through the open door. They raced down the stairs to the outside door, but it was closed. So they waited and waited and waited.  Just when they were about to return to the apartment, the landlord came down.

"Where did you two cats come from?" he asked, as he opened the door and let them out.

Shooz and Sox just ran. They never had so much space for running before. They ran across the street, narrowly being missed by a passing car.

"Absolutely frightening," said Shooz.

"Unmistakably scary," said Sox...

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