by Dulcinea Norton-Smith -

Seed dropped down from the sky. The blackbird that had carried him for miles gave his wings an almighty flap, and Seed wiggled free of the oily black feathers and jumped. As he tumbled down, a soft, nutty, autumn breeze carried him, making him dance and float like a butterfly. He saw the rivers and hills below, glinting in jeweled sapphire blue and emerald green. He saw horses galloping with their manes flapping behind them like scarves. He saw birds soaring high above him then swooping down, lifting him higher on the breeze of their wings, and he saw trees as large as the one he had fallen from and wished on the breeze that one day he would be as tall.

See spotted a field that looked particularly serene. The wind held its breath and whispered goodbye. Seed fluttered down and landed in cushiony swathes of dense, green, grass, then took a deep breath. The grass cuddled him with a fresh, sweet scent then kissed him goodbye as he wriggled down into the soil. The warm soil hugged him with an earthy, chocolate scent. It was dark, cozy, and safe. Seed went to sleep.

He slept for a long time. When he woke up, he had grown a little taller and a little thinner. Where he had once been small and round and brown, he was now thin and fragile and  lime-green tinged white. Seed peeped out of the soil. The world seemed different...

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