Reading to Danny

by Guy Belleranti -

Mary stared out Sara's living room window. "The clouds are getting darker. Let's go outside and play before it starts to rain!" She ran for the door.

"Wait!" Sara called. "What about my promise?"

Mary swung around and put her hands on her hips. "What promise?"

"My promise to read to Danny."

Mary rolled her brown eyes and looked at four-year-old Danny. "You can wait until later for Sara to read you a story, can't you Danny?"

Danny crinkled his nose. Then he shook his head and thrust his new book into Sara's hands.

"I guess he can't," Sara said. She plopped down on the couch beside her brother. "Sit down Mary. This is going to take a while. I promised I'd read him the whole story."

"Great," Mary muttered. She slumped down on the other side of Danny.

Sara opened the book. "The world at Jackson's house changed forever when Enormous Dog moved in. Enormous licked the dirt off Jackson's face. LICK, LICK!"

"Ha, ha!" Danny laughed.

"Enormous LICK LICKED the kitchen floor until it sparkled like diamonds," continued Sara. "And… Enormous LICK, LICK LICKED Papa's bald spot until his fuzzy fringe dripped like a waterfall. LICK, LICK, LICK!" Sara stuck her tongue out and panted and barked.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Danny squealed and covered his face...

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