Princess Piggy

by Holly Stacey -

Princess Hannah lived in a big castle with her parents, King and Queen Nettle. She had a huge bedroom and five servants who were always looking after her. Everything she wanted, she got.

I am the princess who has the best of everything in the whole wide world, thought Princess Hannah as she looked out her bedroom window at her fifteen horses. (Each one had a different task. One was for riding, one for jumping, another for taking on walks, and so on). But then, one of her friends, Princess Lisa, came by for a visit. She was riding a unicorn.

“I want one of those!” Princess Hannah said to one of her servants--the one with the wild green hair. She could never remember his name.

He bowed and left the room. Hannah knew it wouldn’t be too long before she got a unicorn even better than the one Princess Lisa had.

“I’m getting a unicorn too,” said Princess Hannah to her friend.

Lisa blushed. “I don’t think there are any more! And a unicorn chooses his princess, not the other way around.”

That made Hannah very angry. She stamped her foot hard on the cold stone floor and almost hurt her toe. “I want one, so I’m going to have one!”

Princess Lisa shrugged and left Nettle castle.She had better things to do with her time than to listen to a spoilt princess whine about not having a unicorn.

Princess Hannah was in a stormy mood all day after that. She’d watched Princess Lisa ride off on her lovely white unicorn and across the poppy fields. She was very envious.

Her servants were nowhere to be found, and even the king and queen were not in their throne room. “They had better be out finding me my unicorn,” she said, glaring at a torch on the wall.

The torch blazed with blue fire and Hannah jumped back with a squeal of freight. She turned to run down the corridor, but the blue fire leaped out of the torch and exploded into a million twinkling fairy lights in front of her. When the smoke had cleared, there was, standing in its place, a beautiful (and rather large) fairy wearing a blue glittering gown.

“Goodness, gracious me, what a fuss you’ve been making today,” the fairy said.

Princess Hannah just stared.

“Well, that’s not polite.  I am, after all, your fairy godmother. Are you not going to welcome me into your home?”

The princess was still a little too stunned to speak, but it dawned on her that she was just a bit closer to getting her wish of a unicorn. “You ARE in my home,” sneered Hannah. “And you can start by giving me my unicorn.” Princess Hannah started counting points on her fingers. “I want him to have a white mane, but purple hair, golden hooves, and…”

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