Princess Pavlova and Duffy Dinosaur

DO-DEE-DO! The trumpets sounded. Princess Pavlova had arrived at her new castle.

Duffy Dinosaur peeked his nose out of his mud pit. “Finally, a new neighbor! I hope we can be friends!”

Princess Pavlova peered out from her high tower toward Duffy. “Hmm... he looks friendly. With all this moving, I really could use a new friend.”

On Monday, Pavlova decided to invite Duffy over for a tea party. But he did not have proper tea party manners.

“MORE TEA!” yelled Duffy.

Then, he broke her favorite tea cup—CRASH! And stepped on her train—STOMP! And got dirt in her sugar jar—SCRUNCH! Pavlova firmly disapproved.

On Tuesday, Duffy invited Pavlova to play in his mud pit instead. But she had atrocious mud-pit manners.

“Let’s play clean the mud pit,” said Pavlova.

Then, she lost his favorite race car in the mud—SQUISH! And painted all his rocks pink—SWISH! And sang opera to his venus fly trap—Mi Mi Mi! Duffy was roaringly mad.

On Wednesday, Pavlova and Duffy decided it was probably best to meet somewhere in the middle.

“Things will be better at the park,” said Pavlova.

“I think so, too,” said Duffy.

This time things started off right. Duffy pushed Pavlova on the swing. Then Pavlova let Duffy go first on the slide. They said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and gave each other high-fives.

By lunch time, things were going so swimmingly they decided to give each other a special surprise...

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