The Pigs in the Mud

by William Thabiso -

One day some baby pigs were playing in the mud. Just like all pigs, these baby pigs LOVED playing in the mud.

But this time, everything changed. All of a sudden the ground started shaking!

All of the animals ran to hide. The baby pigs ran to find their mother and hide with her.

Soon the ground stopped shaking. All of the animals peeked their heads out from their hiding places and looked around.

Almost everything still looked the same. The horses still had their barn. The cows still had their grass. The ducks still had their pond.

But the little baby pigs DID NOT have their mud! Their mud had disappeared!  Where had it gone?!

The baby pigs went to their mother and told her they didn't have any mud. What were they going to do?

The mommy pig told her babies she didn't know where their mud was, but maybe they could ask the other farm animals if they had some mud for them.

First they went to the horses and asked "Do you have any mud we can play in?"

The horses neighed "Neeeeiigghh. Of course not. We only have a barn filled with hay."

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