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jake-and-moon-granny-cover--full cover cropWhen you think of knowonder, hopefully you look forward to high-quality, always-enjoyable stories that feature a little extra pizzazz.  Some element of fantasy, magic, or adventure to truly make the writing memorable.  This is because these are the types of books WE cherish and want our KIDS to read!  Even more than that, knowonder aims to help all children learn to love reading – which is why we are bringing you our first ever chapter book…


Debut children’s author Jaye Seymour has crafted a delightful story full of star-crossing adventures, featuring a brave, resourceful boy named Jake and the coolest, toughest granny this side of Mars.  Not to mention a flame breathing fire newt and a fluffy pirate bunny.  Yes, a bunny!

Miss Seymour’s wonderful writing talent and her thoughtful inclusion of clever details throughout the book will entertain readers of all ages.  We are also thrilled to display the artistic talents of Alma Borrego Martinez on the cover and in the interior illustrations.  Miss Martinez drew and painted all the book’s images by hand before we zapped them into our computers, which ensures all the pictures have her skillful personal touch.

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**Want to know more about our book?  Don’t mind spoilers?  Then read on…**

Just in time for his birthday, Jake’s favorite granny lands in his backyard for a surprise visit.  Yes, lands….as in lands her spaceship….because she lives on the Moon!  Unfortunately, Granny has brought troubling news, not gifts.  Jake’s Great Uncle Raymond and Flamer, his uncle’s pet fire newt, have been kidnapped! By space pirates!  Smelly ones!  And Granny needs some help on a daring rescue mission.

After a bit of convincing, Jake wins his mom and dad’s approval and is allowed to blast off with Granny in her spaceship.  Their plan is to locate Uncle Raymond and Flamer and then let the Space Patrol take over.  However, the only clues they have are a ransom demand message from Blackbeard – the head space pirate – and a short SOS message from Raymond himself.  Granny knows they’ll need to triangulate the signal from Blackbeard’s message if they’ll have any chance of finding the stinky pirate spaceship somewhere in the depths of space.

Luckily, she needs to make a quick stop at the alien planet Zabalon to deliver a birthday present to the Zabalonian king.  And if there’s one thing the Zabalonians love, its triangles.  Well, they really love two things – triangles and anything green. Actually, it’s three things – triangles, anything green and chocolate pudding. So it’s off to Zabalon for Jake and Moon Granny where they hope to get some aid on their desperate search for Raymond and Flamer.

The Zabalonians are successful at triangulating the signal and give Granny an approximate location for Blackbeard and his beastly buccaneers. This simply means the hard part has just begun!  When the Space Patrol turns out to be unresponsive, it’s up to young Jake and his tough, feisty granny to save the day. Armed only with their wits and the contents of Granny’s red handbag, how will they deal with an entire crew of mean, nasty, smelly space pirates?

Thankfully, Jake and Granny somehow find a way to outsmart the villains. Without giving too much away – their victory involves a can of hairspray, a bottle of rose-scented perfume and a whole ball of green knitting yarn….but you’ll have to finish the book to learn the details!

After rescuing Great Uncle Raymond and his pet fire newt Flamer, they all shoot off across the stars, heading back to Jake’s home.  Mom and Dad are thrilled to have Jake back safe and sound and all is well.  Except for that fluffy stowaway who managed to accompany them back to Earth.  If Blackbeard the space pirate ever figures out what happened, it could certainly spell trouble for Jake and Granny.

That is, unless Swish the family cat catches the stowaway first…


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