One Gum Bubble

by Rolli -

All Yumi did was toss a piece of bubble gum into her mouth one day.

Honey plum-plum flavor.

Her favorite.

And then....


That’s it.

It may not sound like much.

But sometimes, one gum bubble is all it takes.

Up Yumi went into the sky, her lips stuck to the bubble.

It was like a sticky, pink hot air balloon. That smelled like honey.

One gum bubble, one gum bubble.

Far below, the people were like gummi bears. They were like tiny breath mints.

Yumi waved to them.

They would’ve waved back, except – she’d already vanished!

The bubble moved higher and higher now. Faster. And faster. Like a rocket. That tasted like plums.

One gum bubble, one gum bubble.

Soon, Yumi was as high as the clouds. She floated right through them.

Clouds, thought Yumi, taste just like cream soda. Only not as sweet.

Flying above the clouds were the most beautiful birds she’d ever seen. They were bright pink with very long necks and hardly any feathers.

They may not sound beautiful.

But they were beautiful.

The birds circled Yumi, staring at the bubble. Did they think it was another bird?

Yumi crossed her fingers...

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