Making Christmas

by Katie Clark -

Mary Anne trekked through the fluffy, white snow.  Trees stood like walls around her, but none of them were quite right.

“Good morning!” she called to Mama Redbird.

Mama Redbird chirped a friendly greeting.  “What are you doing out so early?” she asked.

“I’m looking for the perfect pine tree for my Christmas party tonight,” Mary Anne said.  “Would you like to help?”

“I have to collect breakfast for my family first,” Mama Redbird said.  She plucked a berry from a branch.

“Please, let me help you!” Mary Anne said.

She gathered a fistful of berries and placed them in the nest on the lowest branch.  Three baby birds chirped their thanks.

“Thank you!” Mama Redbird said.

Mary Anne nodded and kept walking.

“Howdy ho, neighbor!” a squeaky voice rang through the forest.

Mary Anne glanced at Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel.  “Hi there!” she said.  “I’m going to find a perfect pine tree for Christmas.  Would you like to come along?”

“Can’t,” said Mr. Squirrel.  “We’ve got to store these nuts for the winter.”

“I see!” Mary Anne said.  “That’s an awful lot of work.  I can carry some.”  She took an arm load of acorns and put them inside the tree.  “Good luck, and don’t forget my party tonight!” she called as she walked along...

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