granny swinging on a swing

Granny Gertie’s Wish List

Granny Gertie didn't bake cakes or knit scarves. Granny Gertie was a world famous explorer.

When Lucy was 3 years old Granny Gertie went swimming with sharks in the Solomon Sea. She wore a sequined swimsuit and swished through the slippery seaweed.

When Lucy was 4 years old Granny Gertie went to round up reindeer in Russia. She wore red rollerblades and a rainbow raincoat. She roared and raced around the rumbling reindeer.

When Lucy was 5 years old Granny Gertie gave Lucy a piece of pink paper.

"When I was a little girl" said Granny Gertie "I was scared of many things. I wished I was brave. This is the wish list that I wrote of the things that I wished I was brave enough to do. If you can be brave enough to do all of these things I will give you a super special surprise"

Then Granny Gertie leapt onto a llama in her lime green leggings and lavender leotard and left to look for lizards and lynx in Latvia.

On Monday Lucy looked at wish number 1.

"I wish I was brave enough to hold spiders and worms..."

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