Dapper Duck

by Katie Clark -

A storm was brewing. Dapper Duck paddled to the shore as fast as he could—nothing was worse than a muddy duck.  Yuck!

He waddled out of the water just as fat droplets fell from the sky. They pelted his feathers. Waddle waddle waddle. He darted towards his family’s nest.

“You’re in an awful hurry, Dapper,” Mother said.

Dapper waddled under the dock. “It’s raining, Mother,” Dapper said. “I don’t want to be a soaked duck.”

“Where’s Dara?” Mother asked. She peeked behind Dapper, looking for his little sister.

Dapper shook out his feathers. He frowned. “She was right behind me.”

He stuck his head into the rain and skimmed the pond. He looked at the bank.  He looked in the shallow water. He looked to the deep end. Dapper froze.

“She’s stuck in the storm!” he said.

Mother gasped. “Save her!” she quacked...

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