owl and blackbird

Blackbird and Owl

Blackbird was a bird of the day. He loved sunshine and rainbows, butterflies and sunflowers, green leaves and cotton-wool clouds. He loved singing with the other birds and swooping through the brilliant blue skies.

But Blackbird couldn’t help wondering what happened when he went to sleep. Sometimes, just as he was settling into his nest with heavy, half-closed eyes, he caught glimpses of the deep, dark night and of shadowy, fluttery shapes.

“What is the world like when the sun goes down?” he asked the other birds. But they stretched their tired wings, rubbed their sleepy eyes, and did not know.

So one evening, Blackbird decided to find out. Fluffing up his feathers and feeling very brave, Blackbird flew into a dark, dark wood. It was very still and very quiet as Blackbird flew deeper into the wood.

The trees whispered as he passed. Only the wind through the leaves, Blackbird thought to himself, glancing around.

A shadowy shape slid below him. “Only a deer heading for home” Blackbird whispered, fluffing his feathers even more.

Something brushed against a wing. “Only a twig falling to the ground,” Blackbird said, then shivered, not feeling nearly so brave anymore.

Out of the dark came a voice. “HOOO, HOOO. WHOOO are YOOOU?”

Blackbird whirled to see two enormous glowing eyes. “I... I’m Blackbird,” he said in a small and shaky voice.

“WHAT ARE YOOOU DOOOING IN MY WOODS?” said the strange voice...

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