Awesome Possum

by Alysson B. Parker -

The Land of the Long White Cloud was a magical place. It was a beautiful island.

One side of the island had beaches of golden sand and frosted-cake waves in the ocean. It was a place for dreamers.

The other side of the island was jagged shards of ice. Glaciers reached toward the sky, mountains of cerulean blue and crystalline. It, too, was a place for dreamers.

In the middle of the island were sculpted green hills. There were cypress and macrocarpa trees sweeping their branches in the direction of the beach winds. The tendrils of ice from the glaciers melted and made sweet streams and rivers.

The inhabitants of the island were very special indeed. Everyone loved frolicking in the beach waves or sliding down the glaciers. One day, someone new arrived on the island. No one knew where he came from or what his name was. He was very shy. This creature had some very strange habits...

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