Where’s Pete?

Pete’s dad delivered his bad news over dessert. “The factory’s going to close down for awhile. No work means no pay, so we’ll have to make some changes around here.”

“Does this mean I can’t have a birthday party?” Pete asked.

Pete’s brother, Matt, threw his napkin on the table. “For crying out loud Pete, birthdays aren’t important now.”

“Maybe not to you, but I’m only going to be ten once in my life. Besides, I have a party every year.”

Pete ran to the porch and plopped onto the top step. Tonight he barely noticed the spectacular mountains which surrounded their log home or the tall evergreens. Sadness settled over him like a winter quilt. Dad had no job. Matt yelled at him, and Mom never said a word, but her eyes brimmed with tears. Matt’s words rang with truth. Pete’s birthday worry didn’t compare to Dad’s problem.

For a full week, Pete avoided his brother, did all his chores without complaining, and watched his dad grow sadder each day. What could he do to make his family happy?

He woke early one morning, his mind whirling. He had a great idea, a way to bring his family together again. He grabbed paper and pen. It would take time, but his plan would be ready by Saturday morning.

Pete placed a note on the kitchen table early Saturday as he tip-toed out and shut the screen door so it didn’t bang like it usually did.

Later, Matt padded into the kitchen before his parents woke up. He picked up the note on the table.

Search the place where dreams come true.

There rests another note just for you.

“Mom! Dad!” Matt ran upstairs, the note clutched in his hand. He burst into his parents’ room. “Look at this. I think Pete wrote it.” He handed the note to his dad.

“Oh no!” Mrs. Lander said. “Maybe Pete’s run away.”

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