Tucker Turtle & the Topsy Turvy Day

by Angie Doria

It was just another lazy day for Tucker Turtle. His best friend Birdbeak was sleeping on top of his shell. The sun was shining. Tucker was thinking about a cool swim in the gentle, flowing creek.

“HICCUP!” Tucker blurted.

Tucker’s shell spun round his head. Birdbeak was tossed high into the air.

“NOT the hiccups,” Birdbeak sighed. “Quick... hold your breath as hard as you can.”

Birdbeak helped Tucker hold his snout closed. One, two, three, four... Tucker HICCUPPED again.

“If these are hicc-UPs,” Tucker said, “Don’t I just need to find the hicc-DOWNS?”

“Right,” Birdbeak said. “Where do we find them?”


Tucker’s shell spun around backwards.

“We’d better hurry,” Birdbeak said. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“I’m dizzy too,” Tucker said, turning his shell back around.

Laura Ladybug landed on top of Tucker’s shell.

“Hiccup!” blurted Tucker.

Laura fell onto the ground. She dusted her wings off and said, “A good tongue pullin’ is the best cure for the hiccups that I know!” Laura grabbed Tucker’s tongue and pulled it as hard as she could. Birdbeak pulled hard too.

“I’m slipping,” Birdbeak gulped.


Birdbeak flipped three times and fell into a mud puddle.

“Right AFTER my morning bath,” Birdbeak groaned.

Freddy frog hopped by.

“HICCUP!” Tucker burst. “Freddy, do YOU know where I can find the hicc-Downs?”

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