The Tickle Ghost

by Cindy Sherwood –

“Boo!” yelled Big Ghost.

“Boo-hoo!” cried Little Ghost. “You scared me!”

“I’m supposed to scare you. I’m a ghost.” Big Ghost floated off to find somebody else to frighten.

Little Ghost didn’t like the dark. She didn’t like loud noises. She especially didn’t like loud noises in the dark. At night, she’d drift off to sleep, only to wake up when Big Ghost shouted “boo!” at her. Then she’d yawn all day long because she was so sleepy. She used to enjoy being around Big Ghost, but ever since he decided to be a scary ghost, she wanted to stay far, far away from him. But that was hard since they haunted the same house.

Little Ghost tried to get Big Ghost to stop shouting “boo.”  She discussed it with him calmly, spirit to spirit. “Big Ghost, I can’t sleep when you shout boo at me,” she said, using her best manners. “Will you please stop scaring me?” Big Ghost shook his head. “Nope. I’m a ghost. And ghosts are supposed to be scary.”

That night, just after she fell asleep, he shouted “BOO!” at her and she woke up.

Little Ghost was so tired. She needed to sleep. She decided to use her nicest printing to write a note to Big Ghost.

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