The Snow Ball

by Cheri R. Blomquist -

One frosty November day, Old Man Wintercloud held the first grand ball of the season. All of the snowflakes came dressed in their finest crystal gowns.

Sylvie Snowflake was the most excited of all. This was her first time as a snowflake, and she wanted to be as pretty as possible. She had just graduated from being a raindrop, which she hadn’t liked at all. It was always plop, plop, or drip, and she’d never had a lacy gown to wear. Yes, she was happy to finally be a lovely, white snowflake.

As Sylvie waited for the ball to begin, she heard someone giggle and felt a sharp poke in her back. She whirled around. Ugh!  It was a boy snowflake. Angrily she said, “Do you mind?  I am trying not to spoil my new gown!”

The boy snowflake laughed again. “Ha! I knew it was you, Sylvie. You were always so hoity-toity as a raindrop, and now you’re worse as a snowflake!”

Sylvie frowned. “Oh, it’s you, Sammy. I was hoping you’d be kept back a year. Well, if you have to be a snowflake, can’t you go stand somewhere else and not ruin my fun?”

“What fun?” asked Sammy. “You don't know what fun is. But I do, and I’m going to have fun by teasing you.”

This did not make Sylvie happy, but she decided to ignore him. Maybe then he would give up and go away.

“So, are you ready for the ball?” he asked, making a fast spin.

“Of course I am,” she replied frostily. “I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I was a vapor.”

“I can’t wait.” He grinned. “I’m going to have so much fun! I’m going to do lots of spins and somersaults.”

“That’s dumb,” said Sylvie. “I am going to descend gracefully with gentle twirls and lovely leaps.”

Sammy laughed. “Gentle twirls and lovely leaps? No one is going to want to dance near you, Sylvie. That’s boring!”

“We’ll see,” huffed Sylvie. “You just watch. I’ll be the most beautiful snowflake of all.”

“Okay,” challenged Sammy, as he turned a cartwheel. “Let’s dance near each other and see what the other snowflakes say.”

“Fine,” agreed Sylvie.

At that moment, the wind began tuning its flutes and fiddles. Everyone clapped.

“It’s time for the ball!” they cried. “It’s time for the ball!”

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