The Little Cloud that Cried

by Angie Doria

(Original story idea by Beverly Long)

Once upon a time, there was a happy cloud family that loved each other very much.

Father cloud was big and billowy with a fluffy mustache. He loved to play catch the lightning bolt and thunder tag with his children.

Mother cloud had long, velvety, fluffy hair and a sweet loving smile. She wore an apron with cotton candy, sour lightning rocks, and kwispy cloud puff balls hidden in the pockets.

Sister cloud kept her hair in braids and loved listening to the latest thunder rock tunes.

Brother cloud wore suspenders to hold up his pants.

One day brother put a lightning bolt under sister. Just before it went “BOOM,” sister floated up, and father stepped on it. Woosh! His mustache went flying right off!

“It will take me a whole month to grow that back,” Father rumbled.

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