The Honey Bear

by Rolli -

I like most bears. But NOT the one that gives me licks!

When I go outside, he jumps up and gives me licks. My hair sticks straight up. I HATE that.

He's a tall, brown bear. He has gold spots. He's sort of fat.

Now, I have to look out the window to see if he’s there. If he is, I just work on my drawings or my submarine. If he isn't, I open the door. I take one step. I take one more step. If it looks safe, I start walking. I’ll either have a normal day or that bear will jump out from behind a bush or a tree and lick me all over.

“Ugh!” I’ll say, when he does this. “You, sicko! Gross!” And I’ll run back inside.

Once he was laying down flat like the living room carpet, and when I stepped on him, he bounced up and gave me licks.

“Ugh!” I said. “That's disgusting, you know?” And I ran back inside and had a bath.

Last week I forgot to check, and I just ran outside. I was working hard on my drawings, and I wasn't thinking!  The bear was standing on the front porch. I ran straight into his arms! He gave me a bear hug and licked my face till it was soaking wet.

That was it. I decided I was FED UP...

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