The Crayon Family

By Mariah Deitrick -

“Since tomorrow is Family night here at school, I want you all to draw pictures of your families,” Mrs. Jones announced.

Maci sank down in her seat and frowned. She wasn’t good at drawing. Her classmates always laughed at her pictures. Why couldn’t they just bring in a picture of their family instead of drawing one? She wondered. Her family had a lot of family photos around the house that would work. Wouldn’t that be easier?

Kicking a pebble all the way home, Maci hoped she’d get sick and wouldn’t have to go to school the next day. When she found her brother in his soccer uniform practicing his goal shots, she smiled. She forgot it was game night.

That was almost better than getting sick, she thought. If she was really lucky, the game would go too late and her mom would send them right to bed after dinner. Then she wouldn’t have to do it at all.

The game went by too quickly though. Once the first half was over, Maci sat by her mom and plucked grass from the ground instead of watching. She didn’t even know Ben’s team lost until they were in the car. Her assignment was all she could think about. She couldn’t get out of it.

Ben sighed. “I guess we tried.”

“You did great,” Mom said. “I just think my little blue boy needs a big ice cream cone.”

“Can I get one too?” Maci asked.

Mom smiled. “Yes, but after dinner.”

Both kids sighed, but neither forgot. The minute they were done eating, they reminded their mom of her promise.

As promised, Ben got two big scoops of chocolate, Maci got a scoop of vanilla and her parents got one scoop of cherry each.

“Why do you get two?” Dad teased Ben...

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