The Beat Goes On

by Sue Lowell Gallion -

Charles sat on his folding chair and fidgeted.  His new plaid shirt made his neck itch, and his tie was so tight he couldn’t clear his throat.  He hadn’t tucked in his shirt since his cousin’s wedding last June.

Even worse, six girls from his fourth grade class were sitting in the front row of the auditorium.  Charles made a face at the music on his lap.  Some day he’d be pounding on a drum set instead of playing the piano.

“Welcome to our 'Sounds of Fall' piano recital,” Mrs. Jacobs greeted the crowd. “My students have a real treat in store for you.”

“More of a trick than a treat,” Charles muttered to his mom.  “Are you SURE I have to take two years of piano before I can switch to drums??”

Charles' friend, Rodney, turned around and glared at him.  Rodney, piano genius.  Beethoven junior. Or Mozart.  Or whoever that guys was who was the best piano player.

Today, Charles and Rodney were playing a duet, the “Goblin Boogie.”  Charles would play the left hand part, the bass.

Charles tapped out the boogie rhythm on his khaki-covered knees.  Boom, boom, boom, chicka boom, chicka boom  boom.

“My part sounds like the tuba at Grandma’s retirement village Oktoberfest,” he thought.

“Sit still, Charles!” Mom whispered.

Rodney’s head jerked around to look at Charles.  Another evil eye...

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