That Cat is All Staticy! And it’s Blue!


DFSC-cover-150-wideDr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat and Other Unbelievable Tales

ForeWord Review — Winter 2014

“Loaded with hilarious non sequiturs and elevating creativity as a trait to bolster in children, this collection of short stories is populated by weird animal characters and even weirder people. The incitement of laughter dominates, but precious life lessons—safe ways to take out your anger, cooperating with nature, and the importance of chewing your food before swallowing—add further utility to this whimsical collection. Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat is destined to resonate with kids who love science and clever storytelling techniques, and who need reassurance that it’s okay (preferable even!) to be a little strange. Ages seven to eleven.”

Aimee Jodoin

We could not have written this review better ourselves!  Thank you so much to Foreword Reviews for capturing the electricity contained within a book featuring a staticy cat on the cover.

Rolli has long been a knowonder staff favorite author and he’s one of the most popular writers amongst our loyal readers as well.  Thus, we are so proud and excited to be bringing his first children’s book to you all.  Our brand new collection proudly features 18 of his clever, witty, unique and highly entertaining stories – making it a perfect gift for any young readers on your Christmas shopping list.  With a Rolli story, you know you are going to find something thought-provoking and memorable so you and your kids will want to read his tales again and again.  Plus – you’ll dig his zany, original illustrations accompanying each one!

If you like cats, vacuums, the moon, bees, trees, elephants, tigers with elevators in their tummies, beautiful music and/or giggling uncontrollably – you’ll find it all AND MORE in Rolli’s book.

So enough with the waiting -jump over to amazon RIGHT NOW to grab your copy of…

Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat, and Other Unbelievable Tales

written and illustrated by Rolli

Happy Reading!

– from your friends at knowonder! publishing


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