Sun Takes a Vacation

by Selena Spain -

Sun was bored. He’d been in the same spot for over 5 billion years. He needed a break . . . a change of scene, maybe even new friends. He needed a vacation.

So Sun put on his travel clothes and left. He traveled fast and far. He saw many different solar systems. All the suns were different, the planets strange.

The first sun he came upon was big and busy and none too friendly. She only had three planets under her pull, but they were so busy revolving around her that they didn’t even stop to say “Hello.” Sun sped on his way and traveled further into space.

Soon he discovered another solar system with hundreds of weird and wonderful planets. Some were friendly and welcomed Sun as they passed on their orbits, but most just went about their business.

“Wow! The big city,” said Sun.

Here Sun visited parks and museums; galleries and shops. He went to the beach. He even went to the zoo.

After a few days, Sun became lonely. He missed his home and the old familiar planets. They were small and simple compared to these planets, but always friendly. Yet Sun had come this far, maybe he’d find a friend at the next stop.

Meanwhile, back at Sun’s home, all the planets were left in darkness. They drifted around like gigantic balloons. Mercury bumped into Venus. Mars stuck to Jupiter like a big wad of gum, and Earth floated lazily up into space.

The scientists from Earth were worried.

“What happened to the Sun?” they shouted...

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