The Adventures Of Lloyd Boyd (Not A Fish Story)

by Angela L. Nydegger

great bedtime story about a boy and his excuses for missing his homeworkMrs. Easton had been teaching 3rd grade for over 20 years.  She thought she had heard her share of fish stories, all of which turned out to be just that, fish stories.  It wasn’t until she met Lloyd Boyd that she heard the most outlandish and unbelievable stories ever.  But what was more amazing was the fact that they proved to be true.  Every single one of them.

At first his stories started out pretty tame.  Like the first time he didn’t turn in his homework.

“Lloyd, where is your homework?” Mrs. Easton asked.

“My dog ate my homework,” Lloyd stated.

“Oh Lloyd, that is the oldest cliché in the book.  If I had a dollar for every time a student told me that one, I’d be a millionaire!”

“It’s true; see for yourself.” Lloyd calmly stated.

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