Rescue in a Snow Cave

by Christine Collier -

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! - Blake smacked the snooze button on his radio and fell back in bed. A mumbled voice went on and on. He shoved his head under the feather pillow. He heard words that sounded strangely like…. School has been canned.

“What, what did he say?” Blake cracked an eyelid. “All schools in Madison County have been canceled. An unexpected blizzard has dropped a foot of snow during the night.”

He was awake now. Blake jumped out of bed and ran to his bedroom window, tore open the curtains, and wiped the icy dew off the glass. Talk about luck, the last day of school before vacation starts and I’ll miss that history quiz!

Whoa! The front yard looked like a giant marshmallow had exploded. Everything was covered in a beautiful fluffy powder. The roof of Snoop’s doghouse poked above the thick blanket of white. You could barely see the wreath Blake’s mother had placed on Snoop’s dog house.

Blake ran downstairs.

“There’s no school today,” his mother said.

“I know Mom, Snoop’s house is buried in snow, I have to go get him.”

As Blake plopped down and started tugging on his boots, a familiar slobbery tongue brushed his hand. “Snoop, how did you get inside?” Blake laughed, hugging his furry friend...

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