Ryan’s Robin Rescue

By Margaret Sanou –

Two black and red streaks flashed past Ryan’s face. His hand jerked up and the silver corvette fell out of his pail. It hit the deck with a clang.  He gasped and wondered …what was that?

A black and grey, rust-breasted robin darted out of the doorway of the shed. It flew up over the yard.

Ryan looked at the shed doorway and waited for the other robin. Dad’s lawnmower roared, moving across the front lawn. Ryan waited and waited but the robin didn’t come out.

Ryan put his pail and shovel down on the deck and walked over to the shed. He peered inside and looked up at the long beams that crossed the shed under the roof.  A stellar jay had been up there once. It had flown out of the shed as soon as Ryan had stepped in. Maybe the robin would be up there too. He looked closely along the beams. The robin wasn’t there.

Ryan stepped inside. The shed was so crammed with bulky stuff–Mom and Dad’s stuff—he didn’t go in there much; too hard to move around. No room to play. He did like to go in there though when Dad had one of his three big, red tool boxes open. Ryan longed to be old enough to use the wrenches, drill, saws and other tools.

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