The White Sail (a collection of 30 read-aloud bedtime stories)

The White Sail (a collection of 30 read-aloud bedtime stories)

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This collection includes stories about cave girls and viking boys, aliens and pirates, salamanders with socks and violin-playing cats, lions, tigers, grasshoppers, gorillas, dragons and oh, so much more!


A collection of 31 fun and original stories from knowonder! Never run out of short, fun stories again.

Great for bedtime, story time, or just ANY time!

Share the joy of story time with your child as often as you like (we recommend daily) and "know the wonder" of their imagination, as well as the love and joy you experience together.

The book is formatted with a large font, as well as two columns, to help struggling readers have an easier time reading and gain the confidence they need.

The book promotes creative storytelling and creativity through art by encouraging children to draw their own pictures.

Stories in this volume include:

  1. Kabungo
  2. Lady Valeena and the Hungry Dragon
  3. Haddie and the Hoppers
  4. A Seaside Horse Race
  5. Close Encounters of the Gourd Kind
  6. The White Sail
  7. Jenny's Wish
  8. S.O.S.
  9. The Adventures of Culinary Kid and Breakfast Boy
  10. Kabungo and the Tiger
  11. Message in the Night
  12. Teddy's Too Tall Tower of Things
  13. The Porcelain Cat
  14. Helgi the Brave
  15. Grandpa's Old Oak Tree
  16. Skunk the Cat, Detective
  17. Warty's Wish
  18. The Royal Riddles
  19. Silent H Takes a Break
  20. Elda's Dilemma
  21. Cheet's Victory
  22. A Dragon on High Hill
  23. Salvatore Salamander’s Sensational Sack of Super Socks
  24. Chelsea Chockford's Chocolate
  25. Look Out for Fluffkins
  26. Mr. Gorilla and Me
  27. Snuggles Has to Go!
  28. Ben's World
  29. Cativarius
  30. Cosmic Cavern
  31. The Wonder Beard Pirates Sort Out a Kerfuffle in Kerflunker