The StoryGame

The StoryGame

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  • A fun storytelling game for the whole family!
  • Ideal for children ages 4+
  • Teaches kids (and parents) how to create amazing stories
  • Submit stories for monthly prizes
  • Become a published author! 
  • Read the stories other kids create!

What It Is...

  • includes 60 cards (12 character cards, 12 monster cards, 12 animal cards, 12 item/thing cards, and 12 setting cards
  • includes 3 colored dice for more options
  • 3 easy game variations
  • over $200 worth of amazing illustrations
  • includes lists of feelings, adjectives, nouns (more items/things), more settings, and even more adjectives

What it Does...

  • teaches children the 5 elements of a great story and how to become master storytellers!
  • fosters a love of stories, reading, and creativity!
  • endless story combinations for endless hours of fun!
  • a storytelling game the whole family can enjoy together
  • a great way to help kids spend less time on video games and more time using their imaginations

How It Works

1. Play!

First, play the game!

Use the game to create amazing stories. Learn the elements of a great story and teach them to your children. Use the cards as story prompts, or ideas of new characters, things, places (etc.) to add into your story! Enjoy endless hours of story creation with an endless amount of story possibilities!

2. Create (and submit)!

After you've created an awesome story, be sure to write it down! Then, if you're feeling bold and daring, submit it to us! This is a perfect opportunity to encourage you child to write more. And don't worry about it being perfect. We even accept simple outlines of stories - if we love the idea, we'll gladly do the writing for you! We're busy at work publishing the stories you create! First, we publish the stories on our website. Second, we hand out prizes (like books, games, gift cards, and even cash)! Third, we choose a few select stories to publish in our physical books! And it doesn't matter how old you are...we're happy to accept stories from eight year olds and eighty eight year olds alike. So get the game, play it, and start submitting your StoryGame stories today!

3. Read!

You love the StoryGame, and so do a lot of other kids and families! Read the stories that have been created with the StoryGame. There are some in almost every short story collection we have, and we're publishing more as we speak!

The Why

One of our core beliefs is that learning to read happens faster and easier if it is fueled by a child's own, intrinsic desire to read. In order to create a greater intrinsic desire, we, as parents and educators have to make reading FUN!

How do we do that? By filling our children's lives with stories and igniting their imaginations.

I vividly remember my daughter sitting and voraciously reading yet another large book. I said, "wow, you sure do love to read!"

She looked at me and said, "no, I hate reading. But I love stories."

Such a profound statement from a ten-year old!

Reading is hard. Learning to read takes a lot of effort and a lot of time for a very long time.

The StoryGame is another way to make reading fun! By playing the game together, turning on a child's imagination, creating and writing down your own stories, their love and understanding of stories deepens, thus providing more and more fuel to become successful and accomplished readers.

And if they already read well? Well, then, the StoryGame is there to help them (and you) write and submit stories to provide even more reading materials for these beautiful children!

We give out prizes to children's submissions each month, and we pay $25 per story submitted (whether child submitted or adult submitted) that we publish in physical format.

So start playing, writing and submitting today! (submission guidelines)