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  • the entire knowonder! never-ending, read-aloud story database (hundreds of professionally written short stories, with new ones added every day)

  • hundreds of Fun-Facts! (non-fiction) to learn and explore

  • over 90 daily Child Genius 101 talk-time lesson plans




The Problem:

Children from lower income families hear 12 million fewer words than their peers by the time they reach 4th grade. The public school system can never close that gap. The children who hear more words have brains that are literally hard-wired to learn betterunderstand more and excel in school. 

Current stats show that poverty-level homes and children have just one book per 300 homes. If there is ever going to be equality in low socioeconomic homes, it has to start here - with the number of words each child hears.


The Solution:

Talk More: our Child Genius 101 series (included) provides daily lesson plans to help parents speak more proactively to their children, beginning at birth.

Read More: our never-ending knowonder! Story Vault gives parents a new story to read to their children, every day!

Read More: The Fun Facts! articles provide exciting and interesting information for kids who love to learn more about our world, nature, animals, science and more!

Every parent wants to give their child more - this is the first place to start. Proactive reading and talking has been shown to break the cycle of poverty in as little as one generation. 


Talk More. Read More. Succeed More.

with knowonder!