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The Problem

The average middle-class family has 13 books per child in the home. The average poverty-level family in the U.S. has just 1 book per 300 homes.


The Solution

knowonder!'s products make us unique in our ability to help solve this problem.

While there are many organizations who donate books to schools, most of these are just one-time occasions.

What these children need most is constant content.

Our knowonder! vault gives them just that - never-ending knowonder! stories, Fun-Facts!, and Child Genius 101 daily lesson plans that start at birth.

Our content is also available in Spanish.


Donate Today

There are 2 Ways to Help:

1. Buy a book and/or complete digital access to our entire library of content, and we'll donate the same product(s) to a family in need. 

2. Donate to our non-profit parter, Writers Cubed.


Our Non-Profit Partner - Writers Cubed

+ We partner with Writers Cubed, a 501c3 that specializes in bringing books and stories to underprivileged families.

+ Writers Cubed has been doing non-profit work for over 10 years and has successfully served tens of thousands of children.

+ TABC Book Drop, a Writers Cubed program, partners with NY Times bestselling authors to bring famous authors and free books to title one schools.

+ We are honored to be working with them! CLICK HERE to support them directly.